Midnight Commander in Action

[ Thanks to Borys
for this link. ]

“There are a lot of free file managers. There is Nautilus in
GNOME environment (with GTK libraries), KDE users have Konqueror
and Krusader. There is also more and more useful Dolphin, which is
destined to be default file manager to KDE 4. Fast Thunar can be
found in less ‘heavy’ graphical environment–XFCE 4. All those
applications offer great functionality. However, they share a
common feature which in unfavorable conditions would be considered
as a defect–they enjoy as a rule very intertwined
interdependences, they demand a lot of libraries connected with
their graphical environment, and (which is obvious) they need X
Window System server running. Of course, console zealots and users
looking for ‘light’ solutions are not left alone. They have