Minimal Linux Live (version 14-Sep-2015) has been released

“Minimal Linux Live” version “14-Sep-2015” has been released.

This release of the minimalistic live Linux OS which is built from scratch is based on Linux kernel 4.1.6 and BusyBox version 1.23.2.

Here are the changes mentioned on the official website here: http://minimal.linux-bg.org === === === * “Minimal Linux Live” is now based on Linux kernel 4.1.6 and BusyBox 1.23.2. * The build process is now parallelized between all available CPU cores, therefore the overall build time is significantly reduced. * There is DHCP network support for all network devices detected by the kernel. Note that DNS is not working due to well known static linking issues caused by glibc. * The ISO image is now generated by using genisoimage. This fixes some issues with Debian and Arch based host operating systems. * In addition to the above changes, if you download the latest stable build scripts, you will notice a folder named “experimental”. This folder contains some interesting scripts which produce ISO based on Linux kernel and ToyBox instead of BusyBox. Please have in mind that this is work in progress and these scripts may not work on your host OS.