Moblin 2.0 – A New Way to Make a Netbook Sing With Linux

“As the Netbook market becomes thoroughly saturated with models
from all the major PC vendors, the opportunity exists to explore
new options for the operating system. Asus was first to market in
late 2007 with their Eee PC and has since turned out more
variations on that theme than you can shake a stick at. The
original Eee PC boasted a Linux OS as one of its ways of keeping
cost down, but later models have added Windows to the mix.

“The Moblin project started out in life as an operating system
targeted at the Mobile Internet Device (MID) platform but has
morphed into a prime candidate for the Netbook world. With the
release of the Moblin v2 beta in late May came the push
specifically targeted at Netbooks designed around the Intel Atom
processor family. A transition of project stewardship from Intel to
the Linux Foundation also took place between the releases of Moblin
v1 and v2.”


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