More Fun with Anti-Open Source FUD

[ Thanks to E5Rebel
for this link. ]

“One of the oddest aspects of open source is that
unlike any comparable computing field that I am aware of, it has
been stalked for years by a strange, insubstantial beast going by
the name of FUD. Back in 2006, I wrote a short history of the
topic, but in the five years since then we’ve seen plenty more.

“I wrote about one example back in January. And just this week
we’ve been privileged to see this rather amusing piece of FUD
concerning the Cabinet Office note defining open standards that I
discussed on Monday:

“”BSA strongly supports open standards as a driver of
interoperability; but we are deeply concerned that by seeking to
define openness in a way which requires industry to give up its
intellectual property, the UK government’s new policy will
inadvertently reduce choice, hinder innovation and increase the
costs of e-government,” said the lobbying group, which represents
many proprietary software groups.”

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