More international kernel mirrors requested

H. Peter Anvin posted to
the linux-kernel list:

Hi all,

The Linux Kernel Archives Mirror System is getting pretty well
populated with servers, but there are a couple of high-use
countries which aren’t covered.

If you are, or have contacts, in the following countries and
would be willing to sponsor a mirror, it would be extremely
appreciated (of course, *any* mirror sites would be extremely

See http://www.kernel.org/mirrors/become.html
for the exact details of what we’re asking for.

  • Japan
  • Australia (I received a registration for Australia, but the
    site wasn’t set up properly; hopefully that can get fixed, but we
    could use two in Australia)
  • New Zealand
  • Germany (hopefully at least one is in process here)
  • South Africa
  • Israel
  • Finland (believe it or not…)

A great many thanks to all existing and future mirrors!


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