Motley Fool/Yahoo!: Don’t Dismiss Negative Sentiment [the overuse of ‘FUD’]

“Well, sure, lots of stockholders hate fear, uncertainty, and
doubt, better known by the acronym of FUD.”

I hate the term FUD. I hate how it is used and overused,
and I especially think that it gives people an excuse to avoid
thinking about the risks to their investments. It is the most
abused, overused excuse of an argument that I see on stock bulletin
Well, just after the “basher” or “short seller
argument.” But really, the application comes from the same

“People don’t want to think unhappy thoughts. I dig that. But
unhappy thoughts are not going to destroy your portfolio. And happy
thoughts are not going to take it to the Promised Land. In fact, I
am fully and completely convinced that the investor who is willing
to think and analyze unhappy thoughts is going to come out ahead of
the one who does not 99% of the time. The other 1%? Well, either
the rose-colored glasses investor is blindly lucky, or the
analytical one is unfortunately incompetent.”