Motorola: to compete against iPad 2, you need a cheaper XOOM

[ Thanks to Jason
for this link. ]

“It�s the same great Android
Honeycomb taste, but less expensive. In order to repel
Apple�s iPad 2 onslaught,
Motorola�s XOOM needs to come down in price.

“This week�s launch of
Apple�s iPad 2 was a real eye-opener for a lot
of us. Nobody expected the company to be able to deliver a thinner,
significantly faster tablet at a base price of $499 for the 16GB
Wi-Fi model. Right now, Apple�s competitors
are eating the iPad 2�s dust, and the device
hasn�t even gone onsale yet.

“Some manufacturers, like Samsung, are just plain dumbfounded
and are finding themselves having to re-evaluate their tablet
strategies altogether and reconsidering their product

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