Mouse Slinging at L-K

Linux Today reader Rik
van Riel

[Suit Summary: Bring your old mice with you to Linux
Kongress next week, we’ll be having fun.]

Hi all,

It’s a well-known fact that most geeks don’t take part in the
normal sports life some other hyper-active people indulge
themselves in.

Instead, we have one-off sport-like jokes at various events,
conventions and happenings. Common ones include the throwing of
floppy disks, modems and other peripheral hardware.

<it’s amazing mike>
But hey! Don’t you get boring of the same kinds of geek sports
events at every convention? Don’t you think it’s time for a new
kind of extreme geek sport? </mike>

<fx: the crowd yells>

Well, here it is:

— Mouse Slinging

The rules are simple. People bring their own (old and worn-out)
mouse/mice, we all find a suitable place to hold the slinging
competition and we see who can sling his/her mouse the farthest. Of
course, we could also award prices for the mouse that splits open
most beautifully, but that’s something we have to try first 🙂

I am planning to hold such a competition at the Linux Kongress
in Augsburg, Germany, next week. Be sure to bring your old mice and
join the contest.

TODO: – beta-test the game (nah..) – test and set the rules of
the game – write up a proper HOWTO, FAQ and/or RFC on the subject –
think about some security^Wsafety measures

See you (and your mice) next week at Linux-Kongress!!


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