Move to ARM chip cuts XO Laptop power use to 2 watts

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for this link. ]

“The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) has been making XO
Laptops since 2006. The original goal was to create a laptop for
kids in developing countries that only cost $100 to manufacture.
Although the laptop was made, it ended up costing $199.

“While the focus now may be on OLPC’s forthcoming XO-3 Tablet,
the XO Laptop continues to be updated. The original device was
v1.0, but the current model shipping has had a number of updates
and now carries the version number 1.5. At CES last week v1.75 was
shown off, and it brings with it some significant improvements
thanks mainly to ARM.

“One of the major problems of using any electronics hardware in
a developing country is gaining access to a reliable power source.
The OLPC solved this for the XO Laptop by offering a manual crank
charger. The only problem being it took a couple of hours to fully
charge the battery.”

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