MozillaQuest: Dual-Boot Linux & Windows to Get the Best of Both Operating System Worlds

“Running both Linux and Windows on the same computer is any
easy way to have the best of both operating system worlds. Perhaps
the easiest and safest way to do that is to use PowerQuest’s Boot
Magic and Partition Magic products for boot and partition

“PowerQuest’s Boot Magic has an easy-to-use graphical user
interface (GUI) configuration menu. The Boot Magic GUI
configuration menu lets you add or delete OSs from the boot
selection menu by simply pointing and clicking with your mouse. It
also lets you set other boot selection properties simply by
pointing and shooting with your mouse.”

“Partition management let’s you create, format, delete, modify,
resize, move, and copy hard drive partitions. Perhaps the safest
and easiest way to run a multiple boot computer is to use a
different primary hard drive partition for each OS that you will
install. That’s where Partition Magic comes in.”

“Of course there are other products you can use for boot
management such as System Commander and LiLo that will let you have
both Linux and Windows installed on the same computer. Or you can
use a product such as VMware, which lets you run several operating
systems, including Linux and Windows at the same time.”

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