MS: Dancing as Fast As It Can to Try to Get Away from GPLv3

“What are friends for but to try to escape the consequences of
the GPL hand-in-hand? So they are backing out too. Well, folks, how
do you like dealing with companies that back out of their
commitments? You will not get, I gather, what your voucher said you
would. Well, well.

“These two–I can’t decide if it’s an elaborate dance like a
tango or more like those games where you place a cloth with numbers
on the floor and you have to get into a pretzel with your hands and
feet to touch all the right numbers. Whichever it is, Novell and
Microsoft keep having to strike the oddest poses to try to get
around the GPL. If they think this new announcement has succeeded,
I believe they will find they are mistaken…”


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