MSC Times (Malaysia): Solinique Aims To Be SEA’s Linux Center

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“Linux saved the day for Wilfred Sim when he required a more
stable operating system for his database application than the one
it was running on.”

Linux proved to be the ideal platform for the application
because when I ported it over to Linux, it ran beautifully
says Sim who is known as Woolfie within the Linux community.”

“That was in 1995 and it was early days yet for Linux in
Malaysia,” adds the 37-year-old electronics and telecommunications
engineer and Solinique’s Product Strategist.”

“But his exposure to the Linux OS then left him convinced that
this was the operating system of the future and in 1997, he merged
his Digital Systems with Progressive Age and Quantum IO Gate to
form Solinique, an acronym for “Solutions using Linux Techniques”.
Solinique focuses entirely on providing systems integration on the
Linux platform.”

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