MSCTimes (Malaysia): This Linux Thing

Will Linux take over the operating systems’ world and bury
the likes of Microsoft in its own heap of product and user
licenses? Some have said yes, others have said that’s wishful

“In the Web Server market, Linux seems to be catching up on the
Windows NT platform while the other platforms such as UNIX seem to
have stagnated. Other hardware vendors are considering providing
Linux as a choice in the PCs they ship.”

“On October 12, TurboLinux announced the world’s largest ever
commercial Linux deployment with Sanyo Electric Co in Japan. A
company statement said Sanyo will be using TurboLinux as the base
operating system in 20,000 Newve medical workstation products it
expects to ship in the next four years. The Newve medical
workstation is built around the Intel architecture based on a 433
MHz Celeron processor.”