My (first) 10 years of GNU/Linux usage

[ Thanks to Edmundo
for this link. ]


“Just about these days it’s my 10th anniversary as a GNU/Linux
user and it all started, irony of ironies, as a consequence of
BSA’s activities (or so the gossip said at the time). I was doing
my internship at a small Java development company in Mérida,
Venezuela, a rather small city but with a promising future (at the
time) in the technology field. Those days BSA was pretty active
arriving at businesses and asking for licenses of which, in what is
pretty normal in Latinamerica, businesses didn’t have any. Material
raided plus fines, etc etc. You know the story.

“Given that this small office had licensing problems of their
own, it was decided that some of the computers at the office had to
be switched to GNU/Linux…. so a few days later I arrived at the
office and my computer had been switched to Mandrake. And let me
tell you something: it was hard!”

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