NB: MP3 Could Restructure Views On Music

“Scot Hacker, the author of the just-released book, “MP3:
The Definitive Guide,” says that “MP3” has now surpassed “sex” as
the most searched-for term on most search engines.”

“More than anything, the O’Reilly book’s author says, this
illustrates the impact that the MP3 standard is having on the music

“‘For the first time in history, artists and musicians can
potentially be heard by anyone on the planet with Web access, and
those artists don’t need any part of the recording industry to make
it happen,’ he said.”

“Hacker’s $29.95 book, which covers four computer platforms:
Windows, Macintosh, Linux and BeOS, aims to introduce the power
user to all aspects of MP3 technology, delving into detail on
obtaining, recording, and optimizing MP3 files using both
commercial and open source methods… Chapters’ two and six… can
be downloaded free…”

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