Nerdnet.com: Hardware Manifesto!

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for this link. ]

The problem that we face from you, the manufacturers,
resellers, vendors, etc. is simply that you aren’t keeping pace
with our digital evolution. When I go to buy hardware now, I have
to check several places to make sure it will even work with the
systems I run.
If you don’t support what I use, what possible
argument can you give that would convince me to invest my hard
earned money in your products? As a business, you should be very
interested in having me as a customer. You should be even more
interested in having millions of other computer consumers like me
as your customers.”

“You have the opportunity to make this a reality! There are
several ways you can help yourselves achieve this higher plane of
existence! I will outline them for you!”

  • “Support your hardware in several operating systems….
  • Open source your hardware drivers and specs….
  • Ask us what we want….
  • Consider working together with other manufacturers to unify the
    driver model….”

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