Netcraft: Open web platforms the winners

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“The Netcraft results are always interesting, because there’s
always a little something for everyone. Depending on how the data
is presented, a given hosted domain could be up, down, or off in
the ninth dimension. So, care must be taken when qualifying the
survey results.

“For instance, if you look at top servers across all domains,
then Apache jumped up about 22.5 million to 420.3 million domains,
NGINX was up 4.7 million hostnames to 65.5 million, and Google’s
internal web server up to 21.2 million–an increase of 1.8 million
domains. IIS servers in the survey rose, too: up 761 thousand to
about 89.0 million. But, in terms of market share on those same top
domains, there’s a different story.

“If you examine these same numbers as market share percentages,
then Apache was up .32 points to 65.24 percent, nginx up .25 points
to 10.15 percent of market share, Google up .12 points to 3.28
percent, and Microsoft down .58 points to 13.81 percent of the top

“Emphasis, then, is the key to understanding how these numbers

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