NetSurf: A Graphical Web Browser for Command Line (+ CSS 2.0 Support)

[ Thanks to An
Anonymous Reader
for this link. ]

“To be honest, Modern web pages ain’t look pretty in
CLI web browsers. Up until yesterday, the most kick-ass web
browsing experience I had in Console was w3m with image viewing
enabled. I was under the impression that this is best that CLI web
browsers could do. However, all that changed when I stumbled upon
NetSurf; a venerable independent web browser that has been around
for nearly a decade and is available for many Platforms such as
RISC OS, Amiga, BeOS, and UNIX-like systems (For both GTK and
Framebuffer front-ends). Below is a screenshot of NetSurf
FrameBuffer front-end in Debian on my Asus EeePC:”

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