Network Computing: Adopting Single Sign-On for NDS

“Single sign-on is a simple construct: One user name and one
password provide access to network resources and applications.
However, these resources typically are wed to preferred platforms:
legacy applications to mainframes, Web applications to NT, data
warehousing to Unix, and file and print services to NetWare. Take
into account that each platform defines user names and passwords
differently, and that all administrators have different grace
periods before forcing periodic changes to passwords, and single
sign-on becomes a complex equation….”

We tested AuthServ at our Real-World Labs(R) in Syracuse
using a NetWare 5 server (NW5) in an NDS tree containing 10,000
users. The test environment also included Solaris 2.7 (SPARC), Red
Hat Linux 5.2 (Intel), and Windows NT (SP5) clients.