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 Invitation to Sign IACT's Freedom of Choice Petition

  To: Linux users, programmers, resellers etc.
Date: 14 April 1999
Subj: new Freedom of Choice Petition

If you want the right to choose what software and
hardware products are installed on your own computer,
then the Freedom of Choice Petition is for you. No matter
what p.o.v. you have about the Microsoft monopoly, and
whether you are a Linux home or business user, software
developer or computer re-seller, you are invited to join
us in this Petition to stop the exclusive
pre-installation [bundling or tying] of a single
company's software on the computers sold, bought and used
across the world.

Many of us realize that PC makers such as Compaq, Dell,
Gateway etc. pre-install Microsoft software on the
majority of new computers, along with hardware e.g.
modems and chipsets "optimized" just for Windows. We are
given no other choice. The PC maker often won't install
Linux and other software packages for us. Though many of
us will delete the MSFT Windows software from our systems,
neither MSFT nor the computer companies will give us a
fair market exchange or refund. With such a lack of fair
choice, we are forced to pay double-- first when we pay
for Microsoft programs that we don't intend to use, and
secondly when we buy Linux software that we really want. 

The only real, long-term solution is to buy new computers
with a choice of all available software in any
combination, including no software whatsoever. Likewise,
new computer hardware must support a wide range of
operating systems such as Linux-- not merely the
operating environments pushed upon us by Microsoft.

Our computers indeed belong to us and _not_ to Microsoft
nor the PC makers; those companies must respect our right
to choose for ourselves which programs and hardware will
be installed on our own property! You can help us send
that direct message to the PC companies, just by
supporting IACT's Freedom of Choice Petition. Take a
moment to read the Petition in the "Connections" section
of our website at...


...and "sign on" to the letter with us! Sending in your
name is easy and convenient for you; just use your choice
of either the on-line form, or regular e-mail. You will
find the signature form plus simple instructions linked
right on the Petition page.

   e-mail the IACT Co-ordinator at dgwhiz@earthling.net
   The International Alliance for Compatible Technology

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