New Scientist: Left Standing

“An All-In-One portable digital TV set, cellphone and Web
browser that works even in speeding cars or trains has been
developed by Nokia of Finland. But Americans won’t be able to make
use of such devices, because the digital TV standard in the US
isn’t robust enough to support reception on the move.”

Users of Nokia’s new device, called [email protected], will be able
to watch TV, make phone calls or scan the Net even if they are
walking down the street or travelling in a train or car. The set,
based on the open source Linux operating system, can display Web
pages sent alongside digital broadcasts.
Commands transmitted
over the device’s built-in cellphone modem select the pages.”

“But Nokia’s new device will work only with Europe’s DVB digital
TV format. Analogue TV and pictures transmitted in the American
digital TV format, 8-VSB, cannot be decoded on the move because
their signals are not rugged enough…”