New SymphonyOne Distro Plays a Different Tune

“After several years of development, SymphonyOS this month
released SymphonyOne 2008.1, the first stable version of its
distribution. When SymphonyOS first emerged three years ago, it
offered a Linux desktop experience unlike any ever seen before by
structuring the computer desktop to function more like a real-life
desk instead of just another system folder. Featuring the Mezzo
desktop environment, Symphony simplifies the desktop concept for
users. This release brings a new level of stability to the design,
making it a viable alternative to KDE, GNOME, or Fluxbox.

“SymphonyOS was originally based on Knoppix and later built on
top of Debian. 2008.1 is based on Ubuntu 7.10. Mezzo, written by
Jason Spisak, is built on FVWM 2.5.21…”