New Version Released For Linux Notes Taking Application ‘MyNotex’

[ Thanks to Dart for
this link. ]

“A new version for free note taking Application, MyNotex has
been released that brings support for importing notes from Tomboy
and Gnote. Many other features have been added.

“Support for proper conversion and importing of notes from
Tomboy and Gnote

“New Bookmarks feature. Pressing Ctrl + Shift + a number from 1
to 9, sets a bookmark in the current subject and note. Same key
combination can be used to directly go to the bookmarked line

“Now more than one heading can be added in a single note for
multiple paragraphs

“All tags for a file can be renamed or removed in just one

“Easily insert the current date and time in a new line with the
shortcut Ctrl+Shift+D”

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