News.com: Microsoft economist grilled at trial

“Schmalensee has testified that Microsoft faces threats not only
from emerging Internet technologies, but also new operating
systems. Linux, which is marketed by Red Hat Software and Caldera,
is one such product.”

“Boies showed Schmalensee a February 15, 1988, memo written by
Microsoft executive Nathan Myhrvold that said the survey had to be
completed in time for Microsoft CEO Bill Gates to quote its results
during Senate testimony.”

“‘We should keep this VERY quiet before the testimony because we
do not want Barksdale or others preparing a counterattack,’
Mhryvold wrote. ‘Bill should lead with this in his testimony, then
we run the big full-page ads the next day.'”

“Schmalensee said he may have known the purpose of the survey
when it was commissioned. He defended its inclusion in his prepared