News24 (South Africa): Linux takes on Microsoft

“Linux-based systems, including Corel’s bundled Debain Linux OS,
are selling well in all our stores. The fact that Corel has turned
Linux into a user-friendly, easy to install system and priced at
about half the cost of the Microsoft equivalent has made it a
highly desirable product for price-conscious consumers. The fact
that files are also fully compatible with the Microsoft OS and that
the two operating systems can co-exist on the same hard drive makes
it even more appealing,” says Rabinowitz.”

“Dave Hirsch, merchandising executive for Incredible Connection,
says Linux systems are selling “on a par” with their Microsoft
equivalents: “We sell both the Red Hat operating system and the
Corel Linux Debain bundle and, between the two, they are matching
sales of Windows 98….

“A great advantage of Linux is that it is an open system, and
support is available at a large number of sites on the Internet.
There is also an active user group that spans most of southern
Africa where user-to-user support is free. In addition, Corel has
established a call centre at its Johannesburg office where skilled
operators will field particularly vexing questions from novice

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