News400.com: How the AS/400 Learned to Love Unix

Thanks to Herbert Groot
for this link.

“I rarely attend an AS/400 conference these days where the
“L” word doesn’t come up. The L, of course, is for Linux, and the
question that always follows is, “When are you going to put Linux
on the AS/400?”

“From a technical standpoint, putting Linux on the AS/400 is a
no-brainer. We already have the Integrated Netfinity Server (INS),
an Intel-based PC inside the AS/400 that runs either Windows NT or
OS/2. By adding a couple of new I/O drivers to let Linux use the
AS/400 I/O, we could nicely support the open-source Unix operating
system. The much bigger question is whether we should support Linux
– or any other Unix operating system – this way.”

“Author Frank G. Soltis of IBM Rochester created the AS/400’s
technology-independent architecture. He is IBM’s AS/400 chief
scientist and a professor of computer engineering at the University
of Minnesota.”