NewsForge: Authoring an SVCD with VCDImager

“So you’ve recorded the last six seasons of ‘Red Dwarf’ off of
PBS, and now you’d like to burn them onto a disc that you can watch
on your TV? Most DVD players support two formats that you can burn
onto a regular CD: Video Compact Disc (VCD) and Super Video Compact
Disc (SVCD). This article will help you create your own videos on
SVCD, the superior of the two formats.

“An SVCD can hold 35 to 60 minutes of video data, supports
MPEG-2 5+1 surround sound, menus, and more. You can create an SVCD
with menus and multiple tracks that will look, for all intents and
purposes, just like a DVD in your DVD player. The main differences
are that the resolution will be lower, but not noticeably so, and
there will be more encoding artifacts…”