NewsForge: Can Open Source Software Free Your Mind?

“How do you organize all those little notes and ideas that you
have spread out all over the place in a way that you can actually
use them and make have them make some sense? That’s one of the
goals of a class of software known as mind mapping. Once the realm
only of high-priced commercial applications, there is now at least
one open source option. It’s called FreeMind and it’s licensed
under the GPL.

“Wikipedia defines a mind map as ‘a picture that represents
semantic connections between portions of learned material.’ Instead
of a linear approach, where you write a bunch of stuff in no
particular order on a piece of scrap paper, a mind map organizes
ideas from a central theme into a tree-like branch structure, sort
of like a table of contents but much more fluid and dynamic in that
the map ‘folds’ and can also be linked in non-linear ways…”


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