NewsForge: EFF takes its DVD case to Linux users, looking to raise funds

“[EFF staff attorney Robin] Gross says the 2600 case was a
legitimate Linux-based reverse engineering effort, precisely what
the MPAA is trying to prevent to preserve the movie industry

“The MPAA argues that while the DMCA does allow for reverse
engineering, DeCSS doesn’t not fall under the allowable terms,
because there are several DVD players already on the market. The
faq mentions that commercial Linux-based DVD players are in
development from Sigma Designs and InterVideo Inc. InterVideo’s
site (http://www.intervideo.com/jsp/LinDVD.jsp) says the company
demonstrated a fully functional version of its LinDVD player at
Linux World in Taipei Sept. 7 to 9.”

“Some members of the audience asked Gross about material that
has appeared in legal briefings related to the two cases and widely
reported as equating the Open Source movement with piracy. Gross
replied there wasn’t much the EFF or the Open Source community
could do in court, except present their own case.”