NewsForge: First Look: ajaxWrite

“ajaxWrite could easily become the victim of inflated
expectations. The first of a series of online applications by
Ajax13, a new company headed by Michael Robertson, the founder of
Linspire, ajaxWrite was announced last month with a string of
exaggerated marketing claims. Moreover, ajaxWrite’s FAQ describes
it as a beta, when its features seem alpha-quality at best.
Surrounded by such hype, the current release of ajaxWrite risks
being dismissed out of hand, instead of being seen for what it is:
a basic foundation for a fresh entry into the field of online
applications, a rapidly evolving but unproven area of

“If you look at ajaxWrite, you should disregard many of the
statements made about it. True, as an example of development using
the increasingly popular Asynchronous JavaScript And XML (AJAX) and
the Mozilla-based XML User Interface Language (XUL), it is
cross-platform as claimed…”