NewsForge: How SCO Launched an Open Source Company

” Jason Macer never really cared what operating system was
running on his servers when the Dallas area businessman’s Web
hosting resale business peaked with 26 servers last March. But
Macer found out that lots of folks did care, and were leaving him
because of it. It was not Windows that was the problem, it was SCO.
Macer’s hosting vendor, EV1 Servers.net, had signed on for SCO’s
Linux user license. Macer’s customers reacted by seeking hosting
elsewhere, cutting his business down to just two servers.

“‘[Customers] said they can’t support companies that support
SCO,’ recalled Macer. But he saw an opportunity in his loss, and
has launched an all-open source colocation and dedicated service
provider in OSI Hosting, which touted the addition of seven new
datacenters last month…”