NewsForge: Linux Cannot Compete with Longhorn

“Wait. Hear me out. I’m not saying that because Longhorn is a
superior platform in any way. I’m saying it because Longhorn is not
real, it’s just the latest codename for the next version of
Windows. As everyone knows, the next version of Windows is always
the best operating system of all time: it’s always faster, more
stable, and more secure than anything the world has ever seen
before. Comparing a real operating system like GNU/Linux against
the marketing dreams of the malignant monopoly from Redmond is like
comparing your geekiness with Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet: a
futile and unfulfilling exercise.

“Still, such false comparisons are one of Microsoft’s favorite
marketing techniques. Remember, Microsoft has never competed on the
technical merits of its operating platforms. Not from the day IBM
gave them a corner on the market until today. Given the quality of
their products, that’s probably a good thing for Redmond: DrDOS was
a better DOS than MS-DOS, and OS/2 was far better, far more
advanced than Win95…”

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