NewsForge: Managing Digital Photos with Album Shaper

“Even a novice digital photographer knows that finding a good
application for managing digital photos is as important as having a
decent lens in your camera. DigiKam and F-Spot are the most obvious
open source tools for the job, but a lesser known but equally
useful digital photo application called Album Shaper is also worth
considering. This multi-platform software allows you not only to
organize your digital photos, but also enhance them and share them
with others.

“Installing Album Shaper is a breeze. Linux users will be
delighted to know that the application’s Web site provides binaries
for different distributions. If you are running, for example,
Mandriva, installing Album Shaper is as easy as double-clicking on
an RPM file. To start the application, switch to the usr/bin
directory and run the sh AlbumShaper command…”