NewsForge: My Desktop OS: Kubuntu Breezy

“I’m an open source developer and a freelance writer, and I rely
on my laptop. I’ve been using Linux for eight years, and I’m pretty
comfortable with the command line. I don’t shy from compiling a
kernel, or rewriting init scripts to get things working properly.
I’m a little weary though from the bad old days of having to fight
with Linux to get my computer to work properly. I’m developing a
growing appreciation for distributions that ‘just work.’ I need a
stable Linux that allows me to easily install the latest versions
of software and that has good support for power management on a
laptop. With that in mind I installed Kubuntu Breezy, and Kubuntu
blew me away.

“Kubuntu uses the Ubuntu installer, which is a simple text-based
affair. It has excellent hardware detection, easily the best of any
distribution I’ve seen…”