NewsForge: My Desktop OS: PCLinuxOS 0.92

“After getting my hands dirty with nearly a dozen operating
systems over the years, I find PCLinuxOS (PCLOS) comes closest to
being a complete desktop solution right out of the box. Initially
built on the Mandrakelinux 9.2 base, it has come a long way as an
independent GNU/Linux distribution. One of the primary features
Because PCLOS is a live CD, you can test your system for hardware
compatibility before you install it on your hard drive.

“The current version 0.92, released last November, comes with
KDE 3.4.3 (with KOffice 1.4.2), X.org 6.9cvs, Linux kernel 2.6.12,
and a host of applications. In addition to the normal download,
developer Texstar offers ISOs fine-tuned for Nvidia and ATI