NewsForge: Open Source is Not a Business Model

We hear a lot about Linux advocacy. LUGs are big on it, and
there’s even a mini-HOWTO about how best to snag new converts. In
the vein of religiosity, many big companies have an on-board,
full-blown Linux evangelist. Just look at Bruce Perens’ new gig at
Hewlett-Packard. But what are these evangelists and advocates
telling everyone about Linux and Open Source?

“And while they tend to focus on user-level evangelism, what
about convincing businesses to adopt a Linux model? Are they
getting the right message? Is it the truth, and nothing but the
truth, or is it the airbrushed version? After all, LUG members and
‘luminaries,’ as a recent CNET article called Perens, are not
necessarily your best sources of neutral, fairly judged information
about GNU/Linux.”

“Adam Beberg, the CTO of Mithral Communication & Design,
Inc., is not afraid to be brutally honest about Open Source.”

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