NewsForge: OpenDocument Format Gains Handy Conversion Utility

“If you use Microsoft Windows but don’t have OpenOffice.org
installed, you cannot open and read files in the OpenDocument text
format (.odt). OOo is free and easy to download and install, but
what if you’re on a public terminal or a dialup connection? That’s
when you turn to AODC (An OpenDocument Converter), a small, free
utility that quickly converts .odt files into .html files that you
can see in your browser or text editor–no office suite

“Recently I was using a workstation at a library and received an
important file from a source. I needed to access the file right
away and didn’t have time to download and install OpenOffice.org on
the library’s computer, even if I’d had permission to do so. I
found AODC’s beta release on SourceForge.net. The zipped package is
only 485KB in size, unzips in seconds, and let me view my file when
and where I needed to. After I used it at the library, I decided to
test it further on my own computer…”


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