NewsForge: Review: VMware 4.5.2

“Virtual machine software allows you to run one operating system
(and its applications) from within the environment of another. For
years the most recognized name in virtual machine software for the
x86 architecture has been VMware, whose eponymous industry-leading
product supports a wide variety of guest operating systems.
Recently EMC Corp. bought VMware, and has since released VMware
Workstation 4.5 for $199. The most recent release is 4.5.2, which
adds 64-bit host operating system support. There isn’t much that
VMware Workstation can’t do, except perhaps achieve the level of
performance that a genuine installation of the guest operating
system enjoys.

“You can install VMware Workstation 4.5.2 on either Windows or
GNU/Linux, and earlier versions (before version 4.0) have native
ports in FreeBSD. The supported guest operating systems for 4.5.2
are too many to list individually, but you can install various
versions of Solaris, GNU/Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, and DOS.


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