NewsForge: Setting up gPhoto: An experiment with a new digital camera

“I’m one of probably thousands of people who came into
possession of a digital camera this holiday season, and the vast
majority of those cameras come with software designed to make them
work with Windows.”

“But there is at least one alternative for Linux and some of the
BSDs — gPhoto, a program that’s been packaged with GNOME. After
testing my camera on Windows (it works, although the software it
comes with, PhotoImpression 2000, is kind of clunky), I thought I’d
try to get it working on my faster, less crashy Linux machine. One
disclaimer: I am a Linux user, nothing more. Uber geeks may have an
easier time setting up gPhoto; as always, your mileage may vary.

“gPhoto supports more than 110 camera models, and a new
version, 0.4.4, is due out shortly. Developers are also working on
gPhoto2, a portable version that will allow cross-platform
Fritzinger hopes gPhoto2 will become an
application program interface standard for accessing digital
cameras from any application. gPhoto2 will be able to run on Linux,
BSD, Solaris, OS2, Windows, BeOS, and maybe even Macintosh.”

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