NewsForge: Social Bookmarking with Scuttle

“Using del.icio.us to manage your bookmarks has its advantages,
but it has its limitations too. You can’t install del.icio.us on
your local network, you can’t modify it to suit your needs, and you
can’t be sure whether the service will still be there tomorrow.
Scuttle, on the other hand, is an open source social bookmarking
application that offers functionality similar to del.icio.us
without the shortcomings.

“Scuttle is available under the GNU General Public License
(GPL), and requires PHP and MySQL. Its setup process is
straightforward. Run the supplied tables.sql script using
phpMyAdmin or any other MySQL management tool to add the required
tables to your MySQL database. Then configure the connection
settings in the config.inc.php file using the
config.inc.php.example file as a template, upload the Scuttle
folder to your server, and you are good to go…”