NewsForge: The MJPEG Tools

“When it comes to video processing, many free software users
don’t look beyond the well-known mainstream utilities, like
transcode and MPlayer. When these utilities don’t produce the
desired output, the MJPEG Tools suite might be able to help.
Mature, feature-rich, and of extremely high quality, the MJPEG
Tools provide video manipulation facilities that you can use either
as a complete end-to-end solution or as a toolbox from which you
can select the exact tool you need for a given job. Whether you
need assistance with capturing, improving, or encoding video, the
MJPEG Tools can help.

“The original intent of the MJPEG Tools was to provide a package
which would enable Linux users to capture and play back video
through a PCI card based around the Zoran ZR36067 MJPEG chip.
Wrapped in the standard Audio/Video Interleaved (AVI) container
format, MJPEG–properly known as Motion JPEG–is essentially a
sequence of JPEG still images which, when played back fast enough,
show as a movie.