NewsForge: Too Many Cooks in Linux?

“Linux has always been about choice: the freedom to change code
if you wish to modify its behavior, the freedom to see what one is
running on one’s hardware. This concept of choice has been extended
to Linux distributions as well. A staggering array of Linux
distributions cater to the whims of the minutest factions, each
directed at its own specific ends and goals. There appears to be
one for everybody; in fact, from a brief glance at Distrowatch, it
almost appears that there is one by everybody. Nothing’s wrong with
that, but the profusion of available choices may be hurting
adoption of Linux by users who are used to Windows as a standard in
operating systems.

“How? To illustrate, let’s compare two users, Abe and Bret, who
have purchased hardware and seek to install an OS…”