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How to Build a Home Recording Studio for Less than $1,000

” Building a home recording studio isn’t hard, nor does it
require a great deal of technical knowledge. The biggest problems
musicians face in building a home recording studio stem from all
the myths and pseudo-truths that have developed around the art of
recording. But with a little bit of elbow grease and a great
selection of open source software, you can build an adequate
recording studio. Making it perfect? Well, let’s worry about that
another day…


Using a Linux-Based Home Recording Studio

“Last time we talked about the hardware and software you need so
set up an inexpensive home recording studio. Once you have all the
pieces in place, it’s time to begin using them to make music.

“Recording with Ecasound can be complex, but we’ll do it simply,
because we’ll be importing the recordings into Audacity….