NewsTrolls: Diva Review: The Plot to Get Bill Gates

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“On Bill, his Mini-Me’s and the Linux Alternative”

“Linux exemplifies the development of a product faster, better,
stronger and more secure than that which Bill Gates, or any of the
Mini-Me egos that want to be him have given us. Now that Linux is a
household word, it is important to remember that its swiftness in
development lies not only in a worldwide network of programmers and
Linux enthusiasts, but also in the fact that Linux represents the
best of “Art for Art’s Sake”. The creation of Linux had nothing to
do with Bill Gates. Linus wanted to work on his college computer’s
Unix files at home. Period. KDE’s desktop used in Linux tips its
hat to the Windows format so that users of Windows can become
familiar with KDE more quickly, but the structure of Linux is built
on completely different rules than that of Windows. Microsoft is as
strong and pervasive as it is because Gates and crew were entirely
focused on their products (albeit with some competition
booby-trapping along the way). Linux, too, will succeed and
eventually dominate by remaining a group of programmers entirely
focused on the product.”