Nine Open Source Discoveries I Made in 2011

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“3) Google Web Fonts: As someone who has earned a living as a
graphical designer, I’ve long been bothered by the lack of
free-licensed fonts. The situation has slowly improved over the
years, but Google Web Fonts is the biggest leap forward yet,
collecting dozens of mostly free fonts in one place.

“Browsing has steadily improved on the site. Now, you can filter
fonts by their type, then view them as a single word, a sentence or
— most usefully — as a paragraph, a sampling that many font
browsers often omit in a sure sign that they’ve been designed by
non-designers. Then, when you are ready, you can either link to the
site to improve the look of your web sites, or download typefaces
to use on your computer. It’s an invaluable and long overdue

“4) Bodhi Linux: I firmly believe that, as Samuel Johnson said
about London, when you are tired of Debian, you’re tired of life.
However, if I were seriously thinking of switching to another
distribution, Bodhi Linux would be on my shortlist of possible

“Bodhi is a minimalist distribution based on Ubuntu, and uses
Enlightenment as a desktop. It also installs a minimum of
applications, leaving you to decide what else to add. This
combination makes Bodhi fast, configurable, and secure, and a
standout not just among minimalist distributions, but among
distributions in general.”

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