Nokia Plan B calls for Elop�s ouster

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“Some Nokia investors have launched “Nokia Plan B,”
aiming to stack the company’s board of directors and, among other
things, show new CEO Stephen Elop the door.

“It’s no secret that not everybody in Finland is comfortable
with new Nokia CEO Stephen Elop’s radical direction shifts,
including what appears to be an all-or-nothing stake of the
company’s future on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. However,
some Nokia backers are doing more than just grumbling about it: a
group of nine young Nokia investors—all of whom have worked
for Nokia at various times—they have launched Nokia Plan B.
What’s the plan? Pack Nokia’s board of directors, put MeeGo and
Nokia’s Qt environment back at the center of the company’s
strategy, hire top young talent from around the world…and
show Stephen Elop and selected other top-level Nokia execs the

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