Not Being Able To Spy On Everyone Online Is A Feature, Not A Bug

“With the recent news coming out that the feds plan to introduce
dangerous legislation early next year to mandate backdoors for
wiretapping into every form of internet communications, plenty of
people have expressed their horror at such a plan. It’s not just
the basic questions of due process and privacy, but the massive
burdens lumped upon all sorts of companies, combined with the
equally worrisome security holes opened up by such demands.

“Julian Sanchez has a wonderful article over at the American
Prospect discussing just how problematic this plan would be:

“But the current proposal is far more radical, in part because
the Internet is not much like a traditional phone network. To see
why, consider Skype, a popular program that allows users to conduct
secure text chats, phone conversations, video conferences, and file
transfers. Skype is designed as a distributed peer-to-peer network,
meaning there’s no central hub or switching station through which
calls are routed;”

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