Not so Minty fresh

“Well, my extended experiment with Linux Mint, which I installed
some months ago on my primary desktop, is over. I had almost
forgotten why I installed it – because Ubuntu Lucid wouldn’t
install and run correctly from a clean install. I never did figure
out why. But Mint 9 did, and so I’ve been using it since June.

“Ubuntu 10.10 is out now, and as far as I can tell it’s pretty
good. I have a fresh install of it on my secondary desktop, and an
upgrade-in-place on my work laptop (which I’m using right now to
type this post) and it’s been nice and stable. It did lock me out
of using Kaffeine to play DVDs any more, which I mentioned
yesterday, but all in all it looks quite nice. The installer in
particular is a serious piece of work, hands down the best Linux
installer I’ve ever seen, and quite different from Lucid’s.

“So I think, assuming the Maverick installer works now on my
primary desktop, that I’ll be going back to Ubuntu on my primary
desktop as soon as I have the time to do it.”

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