OASIS: Sun OpenDocument Patent Statement

“Sun irrevocably covenants that, subject solely to the
reciprocity requirement described below, it will not seek to
enforce any of its enforceable U.S. or foreign patents against any
implementation of the Open Document Format for Office Applications
(OpenDocument) v1.0 Specification, or of any subsequent version
thereof (‘OpenDocument Implementation’) in which development Sun
participates to the point of incurring an obligation, as defined by
the rules of OASIS, to grant (or commit to grant) patent licenses
or make equivalent non-assertion covenants. Notwithstanding the
commitment above, Sun’s covenant shall not apply and Sun makes no
assurance, covenant or commitment not to assert or enforce any or
all of its patent rights against any individual, corporation or
other entity that asserts, threatens or seeks at any time to
enforce its own or another party’s U.S. or foreign patents or
patent rights against any OpenDocument Implementation…”