Office Open XML Conformance (A Lesson in Claiming Standards Conformance)

“So I’m a naive user of technology. (No. Really I am. Ask anyone
that’s worked with me.) I am definitely not an expert in modern XML
document standards. (I have actually hacked troff escapes in a
document production chain to insert commands in the PostScript
output stream that would be recognized by the PDF generator to
produce a hyper-linked document, so I know a little bit about the
concepts involved, but that was also 10 years ago now.)

“I am a [marvelously happy] Mac user for the past two years.
That means I already have iWork 2008 loaded with the new improved
Pages ’08 (the Apple word processor). On the Apple web site, if I
search for ‘office open xml’ then I end up on this page (31 Aug,
2007), which tells me all about Pages ’08…”

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